Line Dance Everybodys Got A Story, choreography by Elisabeth Elkuch Heid LIE April 2021 to Chevel Shepherd. Line Dance Tequila and Champagne, choreography by Urban Danielsson SWE May 2021 to Alan Jackson CD Where Have You Gone iTunes. Line Dance BTSs Butter BTS , choreography by Kim Duck Hwa KOR May 2021 to BTS TOP 1000 FOLKSONGS with CHORDS, lyrics, chords for guitar, banjo, ukulele etc. +PDF Traditional & Folk Song Lyrics,3700+ lyrics, also with downloadable PDF and RTF The Following 3 items go with the above lyrics collection and provide midis and tablature for most of the songs. Shepherd's pie is supposed to be lamb, (shepherd. . .sheep) So many people use beef and call it shepherd's pie but a beef pie is a "cottage pie", so right away I was interested. Kudos for using the Guinness! The only thing I did different was to add the flour to the meat mixture and stir and cook for a couple minutes then add the broth directly.