Rca rsquo s outdoor antenna uses a free smartphone app the rca signal finder to help locate the best signal within a 70 mile radius the kit includes the mounting brackets power transformer and.

Tv antenna ndash rca outdoor yagi satellite hd antenna w 150 mile range 70 miles from broadcast epicenter attic or roof mount tv antenna long range digital ota antenna for clear reception 4k 1080p for more number of channels it provides enhanced reception quality.

Sometimes an indoor antenna just wont cut it when you need an outdoor antenna with excellent reception the winegard elite 7550 is the smart option and the best tv antenna for outdoor installation.

The same way back in the 60s color tv antennas were sold this too was just a gimmick i have an old yagi type tv ldquo analog rdquo tv antenna hooked up to my hdtv and pick up 9 digital hd stations on my tv with it yes hd tv antenna is a hellip.

The first recommendation for a long range tv antenna is the mcduory amplified hdtv antenna this outdoor antenna can be mounted on your rooftop and serves best within rural areas the antenna can gather signals from 150 miles away from its position.

Hands down one of the best long range outdoor hdtv antennas out there today is the vilso tv antenna outdoor amplified digital hdtv antenna if you need distance you got it this outdoor hdtv antenna gives you a whopping 150 mile long range which is practically unheard of in addition you get full hdtv support with 720p 1080i 1080p and 4k.

I was unable to get a local news channel with my indoor antenna as a result i purchased and installed a larger outdoor antenna in my attic rca yagi for months every channel came in crystal clear however lately a channel i never even had trouble with before installing the larger antenna gets pixelated and has signal disruption.

What you should know before you.