Seafood paella paella de marisco became popular on the sunny beaches of valencia and barcelona this is the pan of rice that the world fell in love with apart from beautifully fresh fish shrimp squid mussels and clams the hellip.

You can make a delicious authentic paella the most popular dish of spain in your own kitchen with simple ingredients like rice saffron vegetables chicken and seafood if you love cooking international food you will fall in love with this comforting dish if you love spanish food dont miss my other popular recipes like torijas and tortilla de patatas.

Seafood fully shelled shrimp is ideal and traditional in paella but we prefer peeled tail on shrimp if you dont like seafood replace with 2 large chicken thigh fillets chicken substitute with pork if desired rice medium grain or jasmine rice yield the best results fire roasted peppers make your own by placing them on direct flame over a gas cooker or stove hellip.

The spruce in greek kappa omicron tau sigma omicron upsilon pi alpha alpha upsilon gamma omicron lambda mu omicron nu omicron alpha beta gamma omicron lambda mu omicron nu omicron say koh toh soo pah ahv gho leh moh no this chicken and lemon rice soup is a favorite with greek families and frequently served as a first course at the holiday table there are several variations and the egg lemon sauce avgolemono is so popular that there are some who make a quick soup in the hellip.