Part 1 dan dan noodles ndash the chili oil 2 tablespoons sichuan peppercorns 1 inch long piece of chinese cinnamon gui pi 2 star anise 1 hellip.

Famous szechuan style dan dan noodles is one of the most popular chinese street foods to me it is one of the top chinese noodles but it is quite hard to define an authentic dan dan noodles in sichuan it is crispy spicy and numbing caused by sichuan peppercorns with lots of variations in different restaurants.

Originating from chinese sichuan cooking dandan noodles were named for the carrying pole aka dan dan that street vendors used to carry baskets of noodles and sauce while sometimes served as a.

Dan dan noodles ndash the iconic spicy sichuan noodles a flavour explosion with slippery noodles tossed in an intense sesame chilli sauce and pork you rsquo ll need to visit your local asian grocery store but once you rsquo ve gathered the ingredients it rsquo s a cinch to make plus i rsquo ve provided loads of substitution options.

Dan dan mian as known as dan dan noodles is the signature sichuan street food in sichuan china dan dan noodles have 2 different faces so be careful traditional dan dan noodles don rsquo t have much soup but mostly just spicy bold flavor sauce back then in china the food vendors carried their food items and ingredients to sell on the street and carrying soup hellip.