Fill the jar with beans to about 3 4 of an inch from the top move the funnel to the next jar wipe rim of the first jar with a clean damp cloth to make sure it rsquo s clean of debri place lid and ring ontop screwing the ring down firmly continue this process until all the beans are in jars next it rsquo s time to get your canner ready.

A man whose real name is now captain beany spent 10 000 turning his home into a shrine to baked beans the 67 year old known as barry kirk until he changed his name by deed poll in 1991 has painted his walls orange stuck heinz beanz labels onto almost every surface and even created a beans themed christmas tree.

Apparently we can buy them in bulk food stores dried of course conventional supermarkets in oz do not sell them dried or in can rsquo s unless they rsquo ve already become baked beans i would still like to try this recipe so i might have to suck it up and buy a 5 kg bag of dried beans whoaa that rsquo s a lot of baked beans.

Boston may be called beantown but portland maine is where it rsquo s happening home to b m baked beans once upon a time candy factories dotted this mystery city ndash creating a hellip.