I made the 1 5 pound loaf making the dough in the bread machine the second rise was in my 3 5 qt dutch oven i then baked the loaf in the dutch oven mdash 25 minutes with the lid on and 10 minutes with the lid off the resulting loaf was beautifully risen with a slightly chewy crust the perfect accompaniment to garlic potato soup.

After the dough has risen for 30 minutes preheat the oven to 450 degrees and put your dutch oven or oven safe pot that has a lid inside to preheat do not put the lid in the oven preheat for 30 minutes when the dough has rested for an hour and the pot has preheated remove the pot from the oven.

Dutch oven or bread baker make sure your dutch oven or bread baker can handle a 500f oven if not 450f will suffice and bake 25 minutes before removing the lid make sure bread is baked to 200f before baking uncovered my bread baker clay cracked at 500f so just be careful always check the manufacturer rsquo s guide.

I use a dutch oven for baking bread when i am through mixing dough i place the dough on parchment paper in a ss bowl covered with saran wrap to rise when ready to cook heat dutch and lid to450 add dough parchment paper and hellip.