The hdhomerun works by providing live tv to your home computer network from over the air tv broadcasts using an antenna or from a cable tv provider us cablecard only this allows you to use any device on your network such as phones tablets laptops computers set top boxes and more to watch live tv.

Plex is a third party application supports hdhomerun tuners it contains many features including watching live tv a dvr system and the ability to view both from devices on and away from the users home network.

I have previously written about how to use your synology nas to download torrents over a vpn connection using synology download station and openvpn this post shows you how to use your torrent client of choice with openvpn inside a docker container the benefit of doing it this way is primarily isolating the torrent client inside a container which utilises the vpn hellip.

Hello all long time cifs user first time nfs user i have a nfs share setup on freenas 9 10 and trying to figure out how to connect to it from a windows 10 pro machine as i understand only windows 10 professional has the service for nfs built in so in my case i cant figure out what i need.

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