Tweaking your antenna position once you hook up your tv antenna i rsquo ll be honest getting the best reception requires lots of experimentation with where you put your antenna in your room there can be a big difference in the number of channels you get depending on antenna orientation location height and whether it is indoors or outdoors.

My tv isn rsquo t doing anything when i hook up the antenna are you sure your tv is capable of receiving digital tv signals is it a digital tv and was it made after 2006 if not you rsquo ll need a converter box did you change your tv mode to ldquo ant rdquo or ldquo antenna rdquo did you set up your tv to scan for digital channels my tv is not finding any.

Your home wiring rsquo s current is way too high for your tv rsquo s coaxial port and you may damage your tv or potentially start a fire if you connect your tv rsquo s antenna port to an outlet on top of that your home wiring is not designed to pick up broadcast frequencies and the odds are high you wouldn rsquo t be able to pick up channels anyway.

1 get free basic cable tv with an hdtv antenna there is a thing called broadcast digital tv that apparently most people are unaware of according to the disablemycable com you can receive signals for the major networks such as nbc fox and abc as well as pbs and local stations for free with a hi def antenna and there is an easy and hellip.

On mobile you can also download the nbc app so you can stream on the move.