King jack rv digital hdtv tv antenna replacement head antenna over the air dtv check price now 9 2021 newest amplified digital hdtv antenna support smart tvs and all older tvs 320 miles range 360a deg reception portable tv antenna with signal booster 36ft coaxial cable indoor antenna for 4k 1080p.

King jack antenna oa8500 has been highly recommended by critics this product like others in the king jack line uses the latest technology to bring you the best directional over the air antenna this means better signal and more free channel the design of this antenna is sleek it uses high tech features with an easy to follow installation.

I am using king oa8500 jack hdtv directional over the air antenna and i think it is a good antenna although i got a little difficult to set up it i still satisfied with its features and other rvers can refer it.

Frankly chosing to mount your antenna on the tower top only to get a few extra feet isnt worth a bent or broken metal support tube and if your antenna is side mounted even if the tip is only 6 feet down from the tower top the tower itself or someone elses antenna can be the lightning rod and take the hit.

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