Potatoes abound in lithuanian cuisine lithuanian cuisine shares many culinary traditions with poland hungary ukraine germany and ashkenazi jews that means potatoes reign supreme and exist in nearly every course besides kugelis also known as kugel they star in these other potatoes dishes.

Kugelis is a hearty baked potato pudding or lasagna that sometimes incorporates meat and is served with lingonberry jam bacon or sour cream as with most lithuanian dishes recipes vary from person to person so a slice of kugelis may differ at each different venue making it an exciting dish to try.

Traditional lithuanian potato pudding kugelis 2 hrs ratings czech potato dumplings 45 mins ratings how to make lithuanian cepelinai zeppelin dumplings polish mashed potato dumplings kopytka 35 mins ratings chinese shrimp dumplings har gow 75 mins ratings bangers and mash with onion gravy 65 mins ratings.